Race recap Keys100 

If you follow my Facebook group page, you know that I did not finish the Keys100 50k. In fact, it was a month ago today. 

My crew

My training was pretty sound, nutrition on point (thanks Relentless Dietetics), Swiftwick socks kepts my feet dry (along with my Anti Monkey Butt powder), Engo patches were decreasing friction, and my Nuun hydration was hydrating, but the race gods were not on my side. The first 2.67 miles was full of self-doubt and the next 10 miles I developed a nagging hip ache that just wouldn’t stop. 

The course view did not suck

The aid station volunteers were amazing and even asked if I wanted to have them stretch out my hip. Unfortunately, had I gotten on the ground to stretch, I don’t think I would have gotten back up. 

Knowing what I do, I knew that had I continued to run, I would have been injured. So, I conceded and had my first DNF ever. And while I did shed a few tears, I know I did the best I could at that time. 

Thinking back on the weekend, I still absolutely LOVE this race, but I really feel like I would be more happy as a volunteer. So, next year…who knows?!  Until then, I’ll run for fun and fitness and focus on other health issues going on (more on that in a later post).  

The end of this journey and the beginning of another

Happy running!!


The last two weeks of my challenge had me going through all the house to find items. I’ve now got two empty dresser drawers and I could probably fit the remaining things into even few drawers. I got rid of over 465 items. 

I’m sure I’ll continue to purge over the next few weeks/months. 

But in purging everything, and ultimately finding more space for running gear, I came across a TON of greeting cards and photographs. While I realized that I loved running across them, they have all been sitting all over the house, in bins, baskets, boxes, etc. and not being enjoyed. So…my next challenge, will be a purge of these “memories.”

Wait, though. I’m not just going to throw out my photos or recycle my greeting cards. I have a plan for them. I’d love for you to follow along with me in this journey. If you’d like to do this challenge with me, be sure to tag me using the hashtag #PicOrToss and my Instagram @willrunforsweettea

I’ll explain more tomorrow and there won’t be tasks every day, especially since I’ll be in Key West for a few of those days. 

Even Less is Even More 

Week two of my minimalist challenge has come and gone. I’ve cleaned out over 100 items and made room for almost all of my running gear. It’s still on the floor in my bedroom, but there’s less stuff on the floor with it. 

My husband even noticed there was less stuff. That’s a start. This morning we took four bags of clothes and two boxes of household items to a local church’s thrift shop. It always feels good to be able to help out the community! The kids hopped out and took bags in too. This is an especially great time of year to start over and to help others have a new beginning. I mean, with Easter tomorrow, I’m extremely humbled to be starting fresh and it’s not even a fraction of the fresh start Christ provided us at Calvary. ✝️

So, if you’re following along with my journey, on Instagram, or just the updates here, I hope this can be a blessing to/for you. 

Less is More 

I finished the first 7 days of my minimalist challenge. If you aren’t familiar with this challenge, each day of April, I get rid of the number of items that correspond with the date. So, on the first I got rid of one thing, one the second..2, and so on. By the end of the month I’ll have gotten rid of over 600 items! 

Again, what does this have to do with running? Well, former, I’m finding that my running gear (shoes, socks, foot kit items, first aid, night gear, etc.) are most important to me right now. The problem is, they take up a lot of room. Well…not a ton of room. But enough that I need to clear out some clutter. 

So, I’ve gotten rid of 28+ items in a week and I’ve been able to downsize even my running stuff that’s worn out and past its prime. 

Here’s to week two! 

Minimalist Challenge Day 1

I’m sure you’ve heard of all the recent “movements” regarding tidying up, clearing out clutter, and otherwise downsizing the stuff in our lives. 

Now wait, I know you’re thinking “this is a blog about running and fitness?!?” Just hear me out. 

As I get closer to my Keys100 race, I’m finding it VERY easy to think about shifting my training or cutting scheduled runs short. It’s not because I don’t want to do them. I actually do. However, when I get home from work and see how much laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. needs to be done. It’s overwhelming. I’ll start putting on my running gear and then get sidetracked trying to put away a bunch of stuff I don’t even use. 

So last month, I followed the minimalist challenge attempted by an instagram friend. Basically, you get rid of the number of items, daily, that correlate with the date. So, on the 11th, eleven items (for example). That’s over 600 things by the end of the month!

I feel that by getting rid of these seemingly insignificant things, I can better clear my mind (and home) in preparation for this race. 
Think you have what it takes? Follow my journey in Instagram and if you decide to try the challenge for yourself, be sure to tag me!

10 Weeks and Counting 

Back before I started actively training for the Keys100, I researched a LOT of training plans. There are plans for 5K, 10k, half & full marathons, but nothing really past that (that were free and readily available online). So, I found a 30 week Marathon plan and just went through and added 18% to all the distances list, since my 50k is approximately 18% longer than a marathon. 

I am now in full blown panic mode. I only have 10 weeks left before the big day! From here on out, I’m not running any other races until May 20. Instead, I’m investing that money into gear I need for the big one. 

I’ve also been reading “Fixing Your Feet,” by John Vonhof. It’s a great read to help racers be proactive instead of reactive, come race day. It talks about blister prevention, and how to pre-tape areas of concern. If you have any issues with your feet, I highly recommend this book. 

For now, my training consists of tempo runs and longer, slow runs. Mileage should start ramping up and I believe the most I run, to train, is between 21 & 27 miles. I’m also slowly putting together a race kit and a foot kit. That way I can be thoroughly prepared without overdoing it. 

Family walk to/from breakfast. Our 5K time was less than 53 minutes…walking!

I’m happy with where I am and even more excited about where I’ll be in 10 weeks!

Third Time a Diva

Yesterday was the first race of the season. Sure, I ran a kids half marathon (1.31 miles) with our son and daughter. However, this was the first race I registered for. It was the Divas Half Marathon and 5K in St. Augustine. 

I have run this race since its inaugural season in 2014 and I LOVE it. As a race geared towards women (hello…shirtless firefighters giving medals), the support along the route, from volunteers and fellow racers, is amazing. There’s feather boas and tiaras just before you cross the finish line and bubbly for when you do cross! Then they have their “cafe,” that is bananas, apples, granola bars, water, and a salty snack of some sort. This year it was Snyders pretzels. 

My first year I ran alone, dressed as an 80s prom queen. Last year I ran with my husband, as Minnie and Mickey. This year, my 6 year old son ran with me. He was an elf and I was Diva Claus. All the ladies loved him. 

See the matching outfit too??

He was a rockstar. It’s the first race he’s not asked to jump on my back. Usually he hops on and I jog a quarter mile or so, and he hops off. Not this year. I was SO proud of him. 

Don’t worry, it’s ginger ale

Bling at the beach

So proud of him

If you’ve never been to St. Augustine, you need to go. America’s oldest city, it boasts a vibrant, historic downtown, and a laid-back pier and beachside. This race takes place at the latter. It starts at the St. John’s Pier and winds through a small neighborhood, comes back onto A1A Beach road, with a quick and flat 0.5 miles to the finish line. This year’s route was a bit different, though. We wound through much narrower streets and even on a 3-4 ft wide walking path at one point. 

These things wouldn’t have been an issue if they actually relayed basic race etiquette to the runners.  Ladies were walking 5-7 wide and hardly yielded to those actually running. Many of them would stop jogging right in front of you. So you’d better be watching. There were even a few ladies answering their phones while running/walking. Although not a safety issue, it was just odd to see them on the phone. Ha ha 

Since this race is a first for many women, I feel the race owes it to them to at least list common race etiquette in their race packets. In fact, I’d much rather have a printed race map and runner’s “rules,” than the free tutu they give all racers. 
Overall, I will continue to run this 5k. It’s a great, flat course and close enough to the beach without having to get sand in my tennis shoes. It doesn’t hurt that we make a weekend out of it each year either. 

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